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What to buy

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Here are some suggestions for what you'll need in preparing for your new rabbit prior to bringing them home. These are products that we use and have had great results with. Don't hestitate to contact us with any other questions or recommendations for where to purchase these items. We will also provide a care sheet guide for you when you buy a bunny from us. There are many great resources online. You can also build your own cage and customize it to your space as well. 


We love and use the "Living World" Deluxe XL cage. It has the water bottle, bowl, hay rack and hiding safe space all included. Average pricing for it is about 125.00.


We've tried both Kaytee and Carefresh and prefer the Carefresh. They offer fun colors to change up the look of your bunnies environment and are bigger in size so they don't stick as bad to the fur as the Kaytee brand. 

Litter Box-

Our rabbits will be almost litter box trained when they go to their new home. You'll want to purchase a medium size litter pan for them to put in the corner of their cage placed under or next to the hay rack. This will encourage them to do "their business" in their litter box while they graze on their hay. For a cheap litter box alternative (because we have many bunnies with some chewing on their litter box plastic) we use the white rectangular plastic wash bin from the dollar store. This way when they get really stained or chewed on we just toss them and replace with a new one.


We've tried a few different types of litter and our favorite and least harmful to the bunnies is Purinas Yesterdays News non-scented. This is actually located in the cat litter section of your favorite pet store. They make the same product marketed for rabbits but at a much higher price for less product! We also use the wood pellets you can purchase in a 50# bag at your local horse feed store for about $7.00 a bag. It's great for absorbing odors. We line the litter pan about 1" deep and empty out the whole pan every three days or so..quick and easy.


We do not recommend buying the treats most pet stores offer. They contain many fillers that can actually be harmful to your bunny. Oxbow offers treats that are of great quality and we use them here. Also Timothy hay treats are great and last a long time for them to chew on and play with (like a chewy treat to a dog). Natural rolled oats are a great treat as well as several types of produce items on a limited basis. 


Oxbow Young Rabbit is our favorite pellet food that is ideal for owning 1-2 rabbits. Since we own several, we go through a lot of food so our second choice that we use here is Nutrena Nature Wise Premium Rabbit food.

Hay to feed, Timothy from your local feed store is the most economical otherwise Oxbow is a great choice. Hay should be available at all times.

Brush and nail trimmers-

I like the small brushes and a double sided small flea style comb you can find in the cat grooming section of your pet store. The brush we use has the small balls on the end of the bristles that are gentler on your bunny. The comb is awesome for fine grooming of their fur and pulling out small mats. It's the 4' size. Trimmers are also in the cat or bunny grooming section. Same rules apply to bunnies when trimming their nails as you would a cat or dog. Don't trim below the quick (vein area).


I recommend getting a wooden toy they can chew on. It helps to wear down their front teeth and keeps their mind busy if they get bored. They have clips on them so you can hang them from the side of their cage. We also bought our bunnies balls with bells in them that they love to play with. We actually found these in the pet section of the Dollar store! Another fun thing the bunnies love are the stretch tubes. You can shape and mold them to your liking and are a fun addition to add into the play pen or for free roaming in your home.

Play Pen-

It's important to let your bunny out as often as you can so they can get much needed exercise. This is beneficial for their mental and physical well being. Ideally letting them run freely around a secured and protected room is best. Your next best option would be a play pen. Purchasing a 30-36" tall one to is best to keep them from jumping out. Always supervise your rabbit to make sure they're safe from predators, electrical wires and other things that could harm them. 

Please Note: while your bunny is young they can squeeze through the wires of the pen. DO NOT leave them unattended until about 6 months of age when they will be at full size and won't be able to escape. Make sure you use the provided clips on the top and bottom where the ends connect to complete the pen. They can also squeeze through the crack at corner where the ends meet if not clipped.

All these items should be available at your local specialty pet store or if you prefer to shop online for best prices we like Amazon or

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