Past Litters
Black VC
Japanese Harlequin VM
Japanese Harlequin VC  
Blue Eyed Dark Magpie VM  
Blue Eyed White (BEW)
   Chinchilla VM
     Broken Blue
   as a baby then adult 
Chestnut VC
Blue Eyed Harlequin VM  
Blue Eyed Chestnut VM
 Harlequin VC 
Sable Point VM  
Dilute Harlequin VC  
 Sable Magpie VC 
Light Magpie VM  
   Black and White VM
Blue Tort
Black VM
Black Tort
Blue Eyed Harlequin
Blue Eyed White (BEW)
   Harlequin VM

The bunnies pictured above are representations of what our Does & Bucks have produced. Every litter is a surprise of what a mixture of genes can produce.